QualiTax Clients Pay the Least Amount of Taxes
Save Money On Your Taxes By Avoiding DIY Mistakes
Doing taxes yourself can cost you hundreds of dollars, not only in taxes but penalties and interest if you file late and have errors. In a recent tax study by financial expert, Dave Ramsey, the average do-it-yourself tax preparer lost between $387 and $841 when compared to the same returns prepared by tax professionals.
Your Online Tax Software Won’t Help If the IRS Audits You. You’re on Your Own
The QualiTax solution provides you with the peace of mind knowing that you are paying the lowest amount of tax possible and that your returns are accurate, error-free and you are not wasting many frustrating hours learning new software to fill out tax forms.
Your Time is Too Valuable to Waste on Tax Preparation
It’s not just tax dollars wasted when you do your own taxes. It’s your time spent doing the work. The IRS estimates that non-business taxpayers who file the long-form 1040 spend on average 16 hours to prepare their taxes while business owners average 24 hours! That’s three working days NOT working in your business. How much will that cost you?

We know that your time is money, so we are flexible. To save you time, we can meet face-to-face, have a phone conversation or handle everything electronically. You can easily upload all your documents into our encrypted and secure “Cyber Cabinet” and we will prepare your tax returns promptly. Your information is kept highly confidential, and we adhere to a code of professional conduct that puts our clients ahead of personal gain.

QualiTax Provides Professional Tax and Financial Advice
QualiTax uses the latest professional tax preparation software combined with highly trained accounting professionals who know how to get you the highest returns and lowest tax bill possible. You get fast personalized service, and if there is ever a question regarding your tax returns for your state or the IRS, we stand by you.

For 37 years, our clients have come to us for error-free Federal and multistate tax filing for both individuals and businesses. QualiTax is the leading tax preparer for the Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland regions.

The advantage to hiring a pro was undeniable: I wouldn’t have to spend time and anguish doing our taxes myself. The $400 fee seemed steep to someone used to paying for software, but handing over all our tax stuff was a relief. In our case, (accountant) raised the size of our refund by a few hundred bucks compared with the software. Even though he charged far more than the tax programs, we’d still come out ahead.”
-CBS Money Watch- TurboTax vs. Human: Best Way to Save On your Tax Return
Plan for Taxes, Don’t React
When was the last time your accountant came to you and said that he/she has an idea to save you money? QualiTax offers Proactive Tax Planning for individuals or businesses to help simplify and legitimately minimize any tax burden. It is one of our most valuable services and critical to keeping more of what you make.

We will scour your income and expenses for every available deduction, credit, loophole, and opportunity without raising IRS red flags. Then we’ll find the mistakes and missed opportunities that may be costing you thousands and implement a plan for rescuing those wasted taxes!

Changing to QualiTax is Simple
Do you think it’s a daunting task to change accountants? Perhaps you feel it is expensive, time consuming or you may have established a working relationship and are uncomfortable facing him or her. Let us assure you that the transition is very simple and your cost can be lower than what you are paying now.

When you work with us, there is rarely need to contact your old accountant because we can gather all the information from your last tax return or financial statement. Should we need to contact your former accountant it just takes a signature from you and, we take care of everything else! Switching to QualiTax is fast, easy, discreet and inexpensive. It is a business decision you can make with confidence.

Speak to Our Staff Not a Recording
As a QualiTax customer, you can expect personal attention from the moment you call us. Speak to one of our friendly professional staff members who will be happy to guide you on the tax consequences of planned business transactions and other opportunities.
“My husband and I have appreciated the services of QualiTax for more than 15 years . The excellent service and responsiveness of Valerie and her staff take the stress out of managing three small businesses and our personal finances. Thanks for your great service!”
-Carol Kerr, Annapolis, MD
We Can Advise You with Other Financial Matters
The experts at QualiTax have experience that goes far beyond the tax season. Income, family, inheritance, financial and tax issues arise all year long. Call us with any questions and be prepared for any event. We can help you with:
Our clients are true partners, and we meet regularly with you to address the effects of legislation and to update tax planning strategies. Our staff undergoes rigorous annual training keeping abreast of new tax laws both Federal and in the surrounding states. You get the most current tax advice possible.
Free Tax Preparation Checklist
Call us today, and we will email you our Tax Preparation Checklist to ensure the fastest service. This handy checklist helps you gather every document you need to maximize your refund.

Save time, money and aggravation. You get peace of mind and the highest tax returns when you let QualiTax handle your individual or business taxes.