I am fully aware of how difficult it is to move from one tax professional to another. 
After all, we’ve helped many business owners “make the switch” over to us, year after year. I know that you’ve probably established a rhythm with your current provider (even if it’s not a “good” rhythm), and that you could dread the prospect of having to teach a new tax accountant about your business and goals.

Which is why this email would be for you.
(And if you’re already using us, then I’d like to encourage you to forward my blog along to a business friend who might be able to use our help. Copy me on the message (val@qualitax.net) and we’ll make sure to properly thank you when we meet with your friend.

Many business owners are pulling together their paperwork to deliver to their preparer this week … and before you do that with your existing preparer, I’d like to give you a reason to try us out.

I’d rather not “bad mouth” other tax accountants in the area, but suffice it to say that we’ve had to do our share of re-doing other accountants’ work. In some cases, we’ve recovered significant sums ($140,000 in one case alone) during an amendment process, by reviewing an old return (from the last 3 years), and taking advantage of ethical and legal tax credits and deductions which other accountants don’t utilize.

Call us now, and we’ll book your tax planning session for sometime in May or June (after the chaos of tax season subsides), and we’ll work PRO-ACTIVELY on your asset and accounting mix to ensure that your NEXT year’s returns (2015) are as well-protected from Uncle Sam’s grasping hands as possible.

I do hope that we get the opportunity to serve you this year, … and that you and your family have the kind of rewarding and easy tax preparation experience that you should.


Valerie McLaughlin, EA